Cowboys/Redskins Sunday Night Football Matchup

The Cowboys and Redskins, one of the league’s very intriguing rivalries , square off week two on the Sunday night stage. Both teams went down in week one and teams will be looking for right back on track weekly. In case Dallas wants to get in the win column, it’s going to have to have better drama from veteran quarterback Drew Bledsoe. I’m hoping a better match out of him because the Cowboys should be in a position to exploit the Redskins secondary who will more than likely function as star safety Shawn Springs. Nickel back Pierson Prioleau is also out and certainly will surely leave the Washington shield thin from the secondary. Terrell Owens should have the ability to get some good opportunities to make some big plays. He also caught six passes for 80 yards and a touchdown in the opener.

I also expect better play from Mark Brunell since รับพนันบอล he has now had yet another week using a brand new offense. The veteran south paw QB played well in both wins from the division competitions last year. Washington’s sweep of Dallas last season was its first since 1995 and its win at Dallas ended a nine-game losing series in the Lone Star State. Not only will Mark Brunell step up his level of drama, yet still another week should possess Pro Bowl tailback Clinton Portis closer to completely. He had 10 carries for 39 yards at the Cowboys opener and whether they could run effectively in this you could go along way in deciding the results of this game.

I am also convinced that Dallas is finding that it’s tough to get ready for that new-look offense in Washington as they have a thousand and a different looks. If Brunell can master the newest offense, which had been so effective when in place at Kansas City, the Redskins would grow into among their most balanced and prolific offenses in the league. In case they can not, we will be talking about their offensive diversity is to a fault. Once Portis is healthy, I am hoping Gibbs to emphasize the running game once again.

Washington got the greater of this Cowboys last season in both meetings and the book maker’s are giving the Redskins six things onto the road at this one. Ultimately, this game should return to just how well Washington’s replacements at the secondary may do and also how well Washington can run the football. Bledsoe won’t be perfect, so some lost players at the secondary might perhaps not be vulnerable as bad as if Peyton Manning were under center. At first glance, Dallas’ defense should control the run, but I think you’ll see a much healthier Clinton Portis than we did in week one. I began the season by cashing in to the Colts in week the Sunday night match up and I have week two’s winner in the bag so well so be certain you are on my own winning side.

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